Blue Grouse Black Powder

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A Classic Custom Blue Grouse Underhammer Rifle
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Everyone should start with one of these, a Pacific Rifle Company Zephyr  Hopefully that will do it for you.  If however, you'd like something in a caliber or configuration the Zephyr is not offered in, a Blue Grouse lock is an option for building a 1000 yard tack driver, back yard round ball squirrel rifle, unlimited benchrest rifle or pistol, or a Hunter rifled in any twist or smoothbore, that you don't have to put 200 grains of ffg in to enjoy.  We have testimonials for every kind of muzzleloading rifle, pistol, or smoothbore shooting imaginable, .17 to 2 Bore, up to 2" flats.  Once you have a Blue Grouse underhammer lock that is set up for interchangeable barrels and stocks the options are nearly infinite.  We also offer threaded breech locks for permanently breeched barrels.  A good many National records are now held by shooters of underhammer locks.  Underhammer accuracy is as practical in the field as it is on the bench or offhand.  There is no sense compromising accuracy for any reason. 
Especially when an underhammer asks and offers no compromise.


I know most of you are interested in round ball accuracy but sometimes it's nice to know a conical option is available. This is a picture of the NEI ( product Walt and I came up with when creating a custom mold for the 1:66 twist of the .50 caliber Underhammer round ball barrels that are out there.  It's 370 grains, loads like a dream, and is guaranteed to shoot 2" and under at 100 if you'll follow my protocol in loading. I have done research and purchased molds for conicals that shoot in all calibers and all twist rates up to 4 Bore. Inquire about conical recommendations & castings or call for a mold.

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Unlimited barrels, stocks, grips availabe
field .50 with GM 1:28 twist barrel
field .50 with GM 1:28 twist barrel

A commercially available pistol grip on what is a great choice for a field underhammer pistol.  For target applications one can get fancy with shaping any kind of grip, placing virtually any kind of sights on, and put on the barrel of your choice.  My own underhammer target pistol looks like this with a 10" barrel, hooded front sight, and a tang peep sight  that extends back from the lock to offer 14" of sight radius.  Its a 1:28 twist that cuts holes at 100 with the NEI conical pictured on this site.  Nice thing about it is that, once you've got a Blue Grouse interchangeable lock, you can exchange the pistol grip for a stock, the short barrel for a long one, and shoot the rifle and shotgun courses with the same lock.

Blue Grouse Black Powder

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The muzzleloaders best friend and I feel the only place to buy the best moulds, period. Round ball to 2 Bore or conical to 4 Bore.

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